ENG 327: Gothic Literature: The Female Gothic


Dr. Castellano 3 credits

          Beginning with Walpole’s classic Gothic story, The Castle of Otranto and M.G. Lewis’s The Monk, this course will question why the Gothic’s monsters haunt the 18th century's visions Enlightenment rationality and socio-economic progress. The remainder of the course will be spent examining how women writers then adopt the “terror” of the Gothic for their own purposes. The female gothic novel identifies unspeakable, violent crimes and sexual desires and, moreover, questions the nature of reality as it is posed in the masculine world of science. Our readings of these primary texts will be supplemented by feminist, post-colonial, and queer theoretical readings of the novels. This course counts towards the Women's and Gender Studies Minor. 

Required Primary Texts:

Horace Walpole: The Castle of Otranto (Oxford Classics, 9780192834409)
Clara Reeve: The Old English Baron (Oxford Classics, 9780199549740)
Ann Radcliffe, The Italian. (Penguin, 9780140437546)
M.G. Lewis: The Monk (Broadview, 9781551112275)
Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey (Longman Cultural, 0321202082)
Maria Edgeworth: Castle Rackrent (Oxford Classics, 9780199537556)
Mary Shelley: Frankenstein (Norton Critical, 0393964582)
Mary Shelley: The Last Man (Broadview, 1551110768)
Additional texts must be printed out from e-reserves

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