ENG 321: Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature


Dr. Goode 3 credits

          This course will be a study of the poetry and fiction of what is commonly referred to as “the long Eighteenth century,” from 1660—1800. We will examine some of the key texts of this period in terms of their socio-political importance as well as in the trends they evidence in their respective genre category.  Alongside more canonical works (by authors such as Behn, Dryden, Pope, Swift, Johnson), we will read more “popular” literature to round out our understanding of the period’s views.  Through our texts, we will attempt to capture the ideological, political, economic, and cultural trends of the eighteenth century.  We will study how our texts highlight the movement from the public individual to the private, the burgeoning of the British empire, the growth and power of the middle-class, the increasing reification of gender and sexual categories, the moral education of men and women, and the changing nature of literary production itself.  This course fulfills the English Major Period requirement.

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