ENG 302: Sacred Waters in American Literature

Dr. Maurice L'Heureux 3 credits

          "Sacred Waters in American Literature" will examine American waters as multifaceted living symbols in our nation's literature. From Huck's Mississippi, to Hemingway's Big Two-Hearted River, to Annie Dillard's Tinker Creek, to Walden Pond and beyond, American writers have found our waters to be a fluid gathering point, a Deliverance (Dickey novel and film).  Both natural and supernatural, the waters combine and gather life and death, time and eternity, heaven and earth. They stand as a dam against the They-Self of the city, an opportunity to get in touch with the Authentic Self, adjust our moral compass, and renew our mooring with the sacred.

          The course will require discussion board postings; study groups and class discussion; lectures; student research; three literary papers; analysis of novels and film; and student presentations on scholarly research, including special projects students will adopt concerning our own Shenandoah River--artistic, historic, ecological, or hands-on experiential learning. 

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