ENG 302: Balkan Literature


Dr. Gaughran 3 credits

          The course represents an attempt to acquaint students with the culture of another place through that region’s literature in translation. Focusing on the years 1945-the present—after some introduction to Balkan history—we will examine fiction, some poetry, drama, film, and even music from the former Yugoslavia and the countries that once made up Yugoslavia, and at least one work from an Albanian writer. The course will focus on such issues as The Meaning of the Balkans; The Relationship of the Balkans to Europe and the West; Ethnicity, Nationhood, Citizenship; The Burden of the Past; Individual vs. Collective Memory and Identity; and others. Because several works depart from realistic or naturalistic style, or do not even begin with the assumptions of Realism, we will spend some time discussing genres and styles.

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