ENG 302: Multi-Ethnic American Literature: Migration, Immigration, Diaspora

Dr. Fagan 3 credits

          This course surveys the diversity of experience represented in multi-ethnic American literature. Throughout the semester, we will test the contradictions at the heart of the American motto, E pluribus unum, asking what these writers and characters share in common at the same time we investigate their differences. In particular, we will explore stories that emphasize movement: we will study how characters negotiate departures and returns as well as mobility or immobility, defining the differences between migration, immigration, and diaspora. We will work together to understand the complex experiences associated with each type of movement. Throughout, we will ask ourselves how these writers and texts have been received by American readers, paying attention to the forces at work that have caused these authors and texts to be neglected or celebrated. Literary texts will be drawn from Native American, Irish American, African American, Chinese American, Chicana/o, Dominican American, and Pakistani American writers.     

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