ENG 302: U.S. / Mexico Border Literature


Dr. Fagan 3 credits

          In this course, we will explore literature set on or near the U.S.-Mexico border written by Mexican American, Chicana/o, and Mexican authors together with historical surveys and other cultural representations of this most (in)famous border zone. We will attempt to define the border in its literal and its figurative sense by reading fictional and nonfictional accounts of life on the border.  We will ask how authors and texts use the border to communicate ideas about identity, about what it means to exist in the spaces between what Cuban writer José Martí calls “Our America” and the “other America.”  We will also study various film, television, and web representations of the border for evidence of the various ways they construct the border. This course will satisfy the "Identity, Diversity, Power" requirement for the English major.  Authors will include Ana Castillo, Cormac McCarthy, Luis Alberto Urrea, Carlos Fuentes, Sandra Cisneros, and others.

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