GENG 236: Survey of English Literature II


Dr. Martin 3 credits

          This survey course—which fulfills a GenEd Cluster 2 Requirement as part of Group 3 Literature—will provide an overview of the landscape of English literature from the Romantic Period through the Modern Period and focus on works by representative writers. We get to spend a lot of time on Jane Austen. In addition to reading Pride and Prejudice, we will read critical essays about her work and view cinematic adaptations. Our selections from the anthology, taken from stories, novellas, poems, poetic manifestos, journals, and letters, will reflect the cultural and historical variety of the times with emphasis on the relationships between Romantic and Victorian themes and their bearing upon Modernism. We will read the texts carefully—in the process cultivating the analytical skills needed for academic writing—and deepen our perceptions of the historical development of English literature.

          There will be many unannounced quizzes—to help keep everyone honest—and two exams. You will also draft a final, thesis-driven research paper based upon one or more of our texts and documented according to the conventions of MLA citation.

Required Course Texts:
Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen. Norton Critical Edition. Third Edition, 2000. Ed. Donald Gray. 9780393976045.
The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors. Eighth Edition, 2006. Volume B. Ed. Stephen Greenblatt.

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