GENG 221: Literature/Culture/Ideas - Gender Studies and Literature


Dawn Goode 3 credits

          This introductory course approaches the study of literature from a gender studies perspective. We will pay close attention to the textual representation of femininity and masculinity, sexuality, class, race, nationality and the intersection of these categories. We will examine our texts not only as abstract philosophical statements about sex, gender, and power, but also as products of and responses to specific historical moments.

          The specific topic/theme of this course may vary from semester to semester. For Spring 2012, this course will focus primarily on texts written in English through the course of the 20th century. Texts have been selected from a range of genres, including the novel, short story, drama and poetry.

          By the end of the course, students will have practiced the close-reading necessary for literary analysis as well as sharpened their critical thinking and argumentative writing skills. In addition, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the texts, the authors and literary and social movements that produced them, and the various literary elements of those texts.

          Graded course work will include (besides reading quizzes): class participation, midterm and final exams, and three short, thesis-driven essays.

          This course fulfills a GenEd Cluster 2 Requirement as part of Group 3: Literature. And for English Majors (post 2010), it fulfills part of the Introductory (200-Level) Courses Requirement.

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