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Celebrating Employee Success

Please join the Employee Advisory Committee in recognizing how different departments celebrate and show appreciation for the numerous people on the JMU campus whose acts of kindness and consistently excellent performance make a huge difference in the lives of those around us. 

  • In Roop Hall, they devote a bulletin board to show appreciation for their housekeeping staff highlighting the many things they do along with their pictures and names. 

  • In Athletics, the Director of Multimedia Communications manages a weekly email program called "High Fives."  Each week employees acknowledge accomplishments, express thanks or show gratitude to other employees by submitting a "High Five" via phone, email or in person to the Athletics Communication office.  Anonymity is guaranteed unless the person submitting the "High Five" requests his/her name to be included.  A weekly “High Fives” email is sent to all members of the Athletics department.  If they employee receiving the "High Five" is someone who is not an Athletics employee (i.e. from another department, a non-employee, a student or a volunteer) he/she will be copied on the "High Fives" email.

  • University Advancement has a trophy bear that is awarded to recognize significant accomplishments in all the dimensions of the work of identifying, connecting, communicating, gaining and stewarding gift support.  The bear is moved around, sharing an affirming spirit with individuals within and outside of the division. Traveling with a passport around her neck that details her host, information about the award and its date, the recommender and the reason for the award, she leaves behind a framed certificate of occupancy for her hosts.  Each host adds something to the bear to represent their visit with them. 

  • Facilities Management recognizes staff who provide excellent customer service.  When an email or other recognition of employees are made by a customer, a space on the main bulletin board is set aside for a "Good Job" posting. During the extreme snow storms of 2010, Facilities Management staff worked through the storm providing snow removal, housekeeping services and emergency maintenance.   Many emails and recognitions came in from faculty, staff, and students.  A bulletin board comprised of these emails was put together to acknowledge their work.

The Employee Advisory Committee urges other departments to show their appreciation for the ones "behind the scenes" in their particular area. We would love to hear about how you recognize employees within your department. Please submit your celebrating success stories to so we can share ideas with others on campus.