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JMU Duke Dog

Just some of the many places you will get to hang out at during your stay with us.


Aerial View of Campus





Wilson Hall

Aerial View of campus. Harrison Hall, where the debate camp will be held, is on the right side of the quad, third building from the bottom.

The large circular building in the back is the dining hall. 








Wilson Hall, which is located at the top of the Quad.

















One view of the Squad Room


bell hall












This is Bell Hall, the dorm you will be residing in. Just a quick 5 minute walk away from both the dining hall and Debate building, it sits on a large open field with multiple tennis courts on the other side.

For more information on dorm life, check out the camp info tab! 










A typical day on the quad while school is in session, you will have the pleasure of having the quad mostly to yourself this summer, for frisbee, football, reading and relaxing. 


















Another view of the squad room where you can work and will have practice debates while at camp.









Come work out at UREC, our brand new university recreation center! Inside you will find basketball courts, racetball courts, a pool, indoor track, weight room, treadmills and more!

urec duke dog










Get your swell on like Duke Dog!














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