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2017 Speaker Presentations & Speakers


Welcome - David Harnage

Pulse of the Profession - Public Sector Focus - John Wszelaki

A Very Short Guide to Electronic Discovery and A Practical Guide to the VA FOIA - Earl Nance and Jay Wright

Ethics for CPA's - VSCPA Student Manual - James D. Cole

Ethics for CPA's - Slides - James D. Cole

APA Update - Martha Mavredes and Eric Sandridge

Creativity - An Essential Skill for Internal Auditors - Larry Hubbard

Ethics for Everyone - ODU Workshop for Non-CPAs - Anne-Taylor Cahill


Emergency Management in Higher Education: ODU's Approach - Jared Hoernig

Evaluating System Controls Using a Risk Assessment Approach - David Cole

OSIG Update and OSIG Investigations - Nick Broughton and Vernon Harry

Ten Ways to Measure the Success of Internal Auditing - Larry Hubbard

Strategy for Effective Communications - Joan Bowling

Athletics Risk Management, An Introduction - Take Your Best Shot - Martina Buckley and Ashley Deihr

Records and Information Management - More Than Just Retention - Mark Walsh


Evaluating System Controls Using a Risk Assessment Approach (Part 2) - David Cole

Evaluating System Controls: COBIT 5 Integration - Glenn Wilson

Budget Process from State Appropriations to University Disbursements - Deb Swiecinski, Patricia McDermott, and Dennis Jones

Experiences of a Stock Trader and Ponzi Scheme Victim: From Goldman Sachs to Bernie Madoff to the Failure of the SEC & SIPC - Andrew Cohen

NCAA Compliance - Randale L. Richmond