Day 1 -  Monday, May 7th

Jonathan Alger -  A Recovering Lawyer Turned President:  Perspectives on Campus Risks and Compliance

Nicole WrightThe Mind of a Fraudster

Brian Greidanus - 1) IT Security for Everyone (general session); 2) Managing and Auditing Organizational Migration to the Cloud (IT Track)

Timothy Sadler -  University Hotline Statistics, FWA Hotline Flyer, Whistleblower Poster

Eric Sandridge - APA Update

Susan Wheeler - What Keeps Your Lawyer Up at Night

Nicole Radziwill - Internet of Things

James Cole - VSCPA Ethics Training, VSCPA Student Manual, Ethics Infographic

Bill Hawk and Lori PyleEthical Reasoning for the Public Good: An Eight Key Question Strategy for Better Decision-Making

Day 2 - Tuesday, May 8th

Delo Blough - Immigration and DACA Basics:  Risk Factors for Higher Education

Daniel Gallagher - Negotiation Skills: Funadamentals of More Effective Negotiations and Disupute Resolution

Quinton Johnson - Don't Panic! A Guide to International Compliance for Universities, Travel Laptop Program poster

Corey Reed and Bob Kolodinsky - Infusing [More] Life Into Work: Easy-to-Adopt Activities to Gain More Work-Related PositivityPositivity Worksheet - Handout

Michael Kirkpatrick - Meltdown or Spectre (IT Track)

Steven Hoffman - Tax Issues of Interest to Higher Education Auditors

Joanne Dennison (Roundtable) - How to Get Your Institution to Hear You (and to Get on Board)

Gary Flynn (Roundtable)

Becky Holmes (Roundtable) - Compliance Potpourri:  How Do You Provide a Foundation for a Culture of Compliance?

Day 3 - Wednesday, May 9th

Raven Catlin - 1) Root Cause Analysis Handout, 2) Seven Questions You Must Ask in Every Walk-Through or Interview

Peter Blake - SCHEV Update

Jenn Phillips and Stephen La Porta - NCAA Compliance

David LittonTechnology Incident Response & Impact Reduction

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