The Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program supports the research and teaching careers of talented young faculty in the chemical sciences at undergraduate institutions. Based on institutional nominations, the program provides discretionary funding to faculty at an early stage in their careers. The award is based on accomplishment in scholarly research with undergraduates, as well as a compelling commitment to teaching, and provides an unrestricted research grant of $60,000.

Recipients include:

2016  Dr. Benjamin A. DeGraff, Jr., former Professor and Department Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2008  Dr. Gina MacDonald, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

2003  Dr. Gina MacDonald, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

JMU Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award

2016  Dr. Conley McMullen, Professor of Biology

Roop Award for Service

2016  Beth and Jarl Bliss.  Beth was a Biology graduate form 1984, who established the Elizabeth Bliss Undergraduate Research Scholarship in Biology

2016 Distinguished Alumni Award by the College of Science and Mathematics

2016  Dr. Timothy Persons, was appointed the Chief Scientist of the US Government Accountability Office in 2008.  As the Chief Scientist, he is an expert advisor and chief consultant to the GAO, Congress, and other federal agencies and government programs on cutting-edge science and technology, key highly-specialized complex systems, engineering policies and best practices, and original research studies in the fields of engineering, computer, and the physical and biological sciences to ensure strategic and effective use of science and technology in the federal sector.  Dr. Persons has testified as an expert witness before Congress on topics such as the Zika virus outbreak, counterfeit electronic part risk to the weapons systems supply chains, and the strategic opportunities and implications of nanotechnology's effusion into the manufacturing sector, among others.

Dr. Persons was selected as the James Madison University Physics Alumnus of 2007.  He is an internationally-recognized speaker on data analytics, science and technology policy, and public sector foresiight.

Dr. Persons earned a bachelor's of science in physics from JMU in 1993, a master's degree in nuclear physics from Emory University 1995, a master's degree in computer science from Wake Forest University 2000 and a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 2001.  He lives in Severn, MD, with his wife, Gena and children, Leah and Timmy.

The Cottrell Scholars Program champions the very best early career teacher-scholars in chemistry, physics and astronomy by providing significant discretionary awards for research. Funding is for $100,000 over a 3 year period.
Tenure-track faculty members whose primary appointment is in a department of astronomy, chemistry or physics that offers, the minimum, a bachelor’s degree.  Limited to faculty members who started their first tenure-track
appointment anytime in calendar year 2012.

Recipients include:

2015  Dr. Gina MacDonald, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

General Education Distinguished Teaching Award

2015  Dr. Deborah Warnaar, Lecturer in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

2013  Dr. Kristen St. John, Professor in the Geology and Invironmental Science Department

2009  Dr. Kit Murphy, Associate Professor in the Biology Department

2007  Dr. Lynn Fichter, Professor in the Geology and Invironmental Science Department

2005  Dr. Carol Hurney, Professor in the Biology Department

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