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Open Positions in CSM

Below you'll find a list of the open Faculty and Staff positions in CSM. Please note that you can only apply to these postings via the JMU Joblink site, which is also linked next to each position. 



Associate Dean for the Integration of Teaching and Scholarship

The Associate Dean (AD) will support faculty in the College as they advance initiatives that engage students in faculty research, infuse research into the majors and non-majors curricula, and pursue new interdisciplinary research opportunities. The AD will provide leadership in faculty development and will support efforts to strengthen the research community and expand the research infrastructure in the College. The AD serves as liaison with JMU's Office of Research and Scholarship focused on resource development to advance scholarship and innovative curricula, and works closely with the Dean as a member of the CSM administrative leadership team. In addition to duties within the College, the AD represents the College across campus through involvement in a university-level project and committee assignments. 

Learn more & Apply here



Assistant Professor - Atmospheric Scientist                    Learn More        Apply here

Assistant Professor - Mineralogist                                   Learn More        Apply here



Assistant/Associate Professor - Mathematics                 Learn More & Apply here

Assistant/Associate Professor - Statistics                       Learn more & apply here

Assistant/Associate Professor - Math Education             Learn more & Apply here


Assistant Professor - Organic Chemistry                         Learn more         Apply here


PHYSICS & ASTRONOMY                                                                                                      

Assistant Professor - Physics                                          Learn More & Apply Here

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