Professors and technology combine to provide a delivery system that maintains high academic standards while being flexible and considerate of student's needs. The program emphasizes personal interaction in small classes with quality students. Students connect to the Internet and access courses, discussion forums, realistic online labs, and virtual classrooms.

JMU InfoSec is time and space independent. There is no requirement to come to the JMU campus. All courses are delivered asynchronously through the Internet. Students are required to participate in weekly class discussions and submit group and individual projects from wherever convenient.

The program is cohort-based, so all courses are offered in a prescribed sequence. All students in the cohort take the same two courses per semester. Students also are required to participate in weekly classroom discussions; work on group and individual projects; and deliver work by deadlines.

Each course is 3-credit hours. The program requires 33 credit hours of graduate coursework. Expect to complete the program in 5 semesters plus a summer course. A thesis is not required from students but is encouraged. Non-thesis students take a comprehensive exam in semester 4.

At the end of each semester, students must demonstrate course competency by completing final exams for each class, proctored at a professional testing center. Testing centers are located in metropolitan areas throughout the United States and around the world.

In addition to a Master of Science in Computer Science degree, all graduates receive two NSA approved certificates:

The following DoD approved certifications are available, for students who take the related one credit hour course.

  • CNSSI-4012
    National Information Assurance Training Standard for Senior Systems Managers.
  • CNSSI-4013
    National Information Assurance Training Standard For System Administrators (SA).
  • NSTISSI-4015
    National Training Standard for Systems Certifiers.

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