Combined BS/MS Five-Year Program

The combined BS/MS Five-Year Program allows undergraduate students already studying at JMU to receive a Master's degree in Computer Science in the Digital Forensics concentration in addition to their BS degree within 5 years of study. Generally, the program is aimed towards Computer Science majors, but students pursuing a minor in Computer Science may also qualify.

Students enrolled in the Five-Year Program will have to complete the entire BS program in which they major, for a total of 120 credit hours at JMU. On the graduate side, we offer a reduced course load compared to our regular, two-year Master's program (30 credit hours vs. 36 credit hours). During the fall of the senior year, students will need to take one graduate-level class along with their undergraduate courses. In the spring of their senior year and throughout their fifth year of study, students will then need to take a full graduate course load (9 credit hours) each semester. We therefore encourage students to finish their entire undergraduate studies within their first seven semesters at JMU. In rare cases it may be all right to still take one undergraduate course during the spring of the senior year.

Please review the Curriculum Guide and the Standard Course Sequence for more details.

It is strongly recommended that interested students consult with the Program Coordinator each year, starting with the freshman year, in order to stay on track for admission to this concentration.


To be eligible to apply, students must

  • Be enrolled in a baccalaureate program at JMU
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or more
  • Be on track to complete 99 or more total credit hours by the end of the junior year (ideally 108)

CS Majors

  • must be prepared to complete all but twelve hours of required CS courses by the end of the junior year
  • will be required to complete the CS undergraduate requirements as a condition of admission
  • must complete CS361 and their System Elective course during their junior year
  • are encouraged to enroll in CS452: Analysis of Algorithms as one of their CS undergraduate elective courses

Non-CS Majors

  • must be prepared to complete CS139/149, CS 159, CS227, CS327, CS240, CS261, and CS361 by the end of the junior year

Students intending to take the Five-Year concentration should not enroll in any of these undergraduate courses:

  • CS457 Information Security
  • CS458 Cyber Defense

Admission to the Program

Admission is competitive and top applicants will be admitted as space is available. Applications to the graduate program must be made in the junior year. Admission is conditional upon completing all undergraduate program requirements.

Students accepted to the Five-Year Program are eligible to apply for the CyberCorps: SFS scholarship. The application for the scholarship can be combined withe the application to the program. However, to be considered for the scholarship, students must be on track to complete their undergraduate degree after their seventh semester at JMU (i.e. the fall of their senior year).

Application instructions can be found at the Graduate School Admissions website.

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