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I am pleased to recommend the 2009 Life Skills seminar series, Real Skills for Real Life, offered by the College of Business and the Virginia Society of CPAs, beginning January 2009. First offered in 1999, the response for the series continues to be overwhelmingly positive and the series is our most popular non-credit offering.

The College of Business is also offering a new modern etiquette seminar series, Outclass the Competition, beginning March 2009. Each session in both of these series provides students with the opportunity to learn a wealth of valuable information that they can use immediately and from which they derive benefits for the rest of their lives.

We have recruited outstanding presenters to lead these sessions. These individuals are accomplished business professionals who present current, relevant information within their areas of expertise. The series is open to all academic majors with no prerequisite courses.

I strongly urge you to enroll in both of these seminars. If you have questions, or need additional information contact the College of Business at (800) 568-8318 or (540) 568-3250.

Robert D. Reid, Dean
College of Business

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