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CC Services & Your Student

The Counseling Center has a variety of clinical services available to JMU students. There is no charge for our services, but students must be enrolled full time to access on-going individual counseling and psychiatric services. Part-time students are able to receive our other services, if appropriate. Students can make an initial appointment during business hours (M-F, 8-5) by calling 540-568-6552 or stopping by the Counseling Center on the 3rd floor of the Student Success Center. A referral will be provided during that initial appointment to one of our services and/or a campus or community resource.

Our Make An Appointment and FAQ page have additional information about our services. Who We See and Why explains our clinical model and why we make certain treatment  recommendations. 

Client Confidentiality & Your Student

We understand wanting to know how your student is doing and what is going on in their life. However, there are laws and professional mandates that regulate confidentiality in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Information that your student shares with one of our staff members is privileged and confidential. That information will not be disclosed to anyone without the student's written permission. We cannot share any information about a student, or disclose whether or not they have used our services unless there is a release of information on file. The only exceptions to confidentiality are where it is required by law.

Who to Call if You are Concerned

If you have concerns about your student, consult with someone on campus. Sometimes a one of the Counseling Center clinicians is the best place to start, especially if you are concerned about mental health issues. However, sometimes another office will have the most helpful information.

Tips for Referring Students to Counseling

Here are some suggestions for referring students to counseling. Many people believe that individual counseling is the best treatment for their student's concerns, but it actually depends on a variety of variables. We have designed resources at the Counseling Center to meet a wide range of student needs. Review the information on our individual counseling page to learn more about whether counseling is a good fit for your student.

Support for Incoming Students with Mental Health Concerns

The Counseling Center's Counseling Connection program connects incoming students with mental health resources before they arrive on campus.

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