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For LGTQIQA Students

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While there's no easy way to adequately describe the campus climate at any college or university, we have addressed some questions you may have about what to expect at JMU.

Is there an active LGBTQIQA student organization?

Yes! Madison Equality is a JMU student run support organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. The primary mission of the group is to promote tolerance and acceptance through education and awareness and anyone who supports equality and queer rights is welcomed, regardless of orientation. Interested in joining? E-mail to learn more.

Is there a campus office for LGBTQIQA student services?

The LGBT & Ally Education Program, located in The Well (Student Success Center, Room 1313), promotes JMU's commitment to diversity through education, support, advocacy, and fostering equity for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Are LGBTQIQA sensitive counseling services available?

Yes! The Counseling Center offers free and confidential individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as consultation services. Students who are interested should contact the Counseling Center. Visit our Make an Appointment page for more information.

Where can I find resources on coming out?

You do not have to feel alone in the coming out process. There are several spots on campus you can receive support and get more information on what to expect, including the staff at Counseling Center, Madison Equality, and the LGBT & Ally Education Program, as well as the resource library, jmuLGBTA Library Thing, located in Student Success Center, Room 1313. There are additional resources on our LGBTQIQA Students page.

Are other campus offices supportive and inclusive of LGBT students and issues?

Members of the JMU community strive to be as supportive and inclusive as possible of all students. A myriad of resources are available on campus that are specific to LGBTQIQA students, including housing, student health, career planning, and academic classes. Visit LGBTQ's & Ally Education's Resources page for the list.

What activities are sponsored on campus for LGBT students?

The LGBT & Ally Education Program, Student Success Center, Room 1313, coordinates speakers, films, and other events throughout the academic year on campus. In addition, you will find an LGBTQ Resource Library with books, periodicals, videos, and other resources, and a hangout space, which is available to all members of the campus community. For updated information, visit In addition, graduating seniors are encouraged to attend the Lavender Graduation Ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments at JMU!

Madison Equality also offers on-campus events. For an updated schedule of events, visit

Are supportive faculty and staff easily identifiable?

JMU's Safe Zone, which is a voluntary network of faculty, staff and students who believe that every member of the university community should have an equal opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment, are easily identifiable. Just look for the stickers posted on campus! And just an FYI, nearly all staff at the Counseling Center have undergone Safe Zone training. Chances are, when you make an appointment at The Counseling Center, you will see a Safe Zone sticker on your counselor's door.

Is there a procedure for reporting LGBTQIQA-related bias incidents and hate crimes? How does the school respond to such incidents? What should I do if I am being harassed for being LGBTQIQ or Ally?

The official JMU harassment and discrimination policy and reporting procedure can be found here: You can also anonymously report harassment incidents at All reports are taken very seriously!

What LGBTQIQA support is offered in Greek life? How about athletics?

Many individuals involved in both Greek and the athletic communities have undergone Safe Zone training. The LGBT & Ally Education Program, Madison Equality, and the Counseling Center are here to answer any questions you have, or offer any support you might need.