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Publishing and Scholarly Communication

Copyright Basics

In order to understand your negotiating ability and determine your own priorities you must be familiar with the basics of author's rights and fair use. Copyright@JMU provides several tools to understand copyright including Copyright Triage (web) and the Copyright Navigator (Prezi).

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JMU Intellectual Property Policy

According to JMU Policy 1107, the university generally allows researchers (both student and faculty) to retain the exclusive rights to their research publications (more) and course materials (more). Don't forget that data itself is a property with ownership implications. If your research produces data sets make sure you understand the ownership and disposition issues (more)

Academic Impact of Copyright and Scholarly Communication

The full range of copyright rights constitute a monstrously bloated set of rights that no one in academe needs to encourage research and writing. Being thoughtful about how we manage those rights is becoming increasingly important. New media and commercialization, varied approaches to scholarly communication and technology, and laws and litigation have the potential to dramatically change how we go about teaching, learning, and research.

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Dynamics and Landscape of Scholarly Communication

While traditional publishing models remain in full force, the Internet is beginning to cause the academy, scholars, scholarly societies, and others to rethink their traditional roles within scholarly communication.

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When publishing your work, the agreement you sign with your publisher will determine who retains which exclusive rights to your work. By understanding the terms of your publishing contract and negotiating the rights you need, you can protect your ability to use your work in the ways that are important to you and your career.

This page provide numerous resources and answer questions regarding your rights and negotiating opprotunities.

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Unauthorized use of YOUR work

Whether you publish with a for-profit publisher, open up your course to the public web, write a blog, or create any writing, image, music, or video, your work will be infringed. To reiterate I said WILL be infringed. How you respond to this is your choice. So what do you do if your copyright is infringed?