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Copyright Education

The Copyright Coordinator is charged with coordinating the efforts with copyright implications of multiple units. This coordination includes:

  • Empowering scholars, instructors and learners
  • Providing "Best Practice" tools
  • Delivering instruction through programatic and effective modes
  • Minimizing risk to individuals and the institution
  • Assisting in confident assertion of rights
  • Responding to and commucating new developments

Presentations for Faculty, Students, and Staff

The Copyright Coordinator offers educational programs for a wide variety of groups. In 2010-2011 we sponsored or gave 19 programs; 6 were primarily for teaching faculty. The remaining programs were available for any employee of JMU.

To schedule a copyright presentation to your group, faculty, or class, simply email or call the Copyright Coordinator at 540-568-6978 or to send an e-mail to Brian Cockburn at

Online Education

Copyright Triage is the easiest and quickest way to learn yourself or present to a class the basic philosophy of copyright. Copyright Navigator is a 26 minute movie introduction to many of the aspects of copyright and scholarly communication. The Fair Use Evaluator has a "mode" that allows you to delve deeply into Fair Use and how to apply it. It is an excellent tool to use with a class. There are a host of other tools and resources, as well.

The Copyright@JMU has a Facebook page which attempts to place copyright news into a JMU context. See the news listings on the home page ( or click the JMU colored copyright logo to go home.

Additionally, our partnership with the Center for Intellectual Property (see link in top bar) provides us with numerous free online "Community Conversations" and Courses (for a reduced fee). This membership is funded by L&ET for the benefit of the entire JMU Community. To find out more or participate, contact the Copyright Coordinator at 540-568-6978 or send an e-mail to Brian Cockburn at


The Coordinator primary activity is consulting with faculty, staff and students about specific issues. Scores of these have included topics that are now covered by this website. Others are specific to individual projects or issues.

Anyone who would like to discuss a specific issue, or is interested in attending or arranging an educational program, is encouraged to call the Copyright Coordinator at 540-568-6978 or to send an e-mail to Brian Cockburn at