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Brian Cockburn Brian Cockburn's principal role is to teach and advise faculty, administrators and students about copyright, and intellectual property.
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How can faculty Protect their course materials?

JMU’s IP Policy 1107 states “The 1976 Copyright Act (P.L. 94-553) provides that, when a copyrightable work is produced by one person who has been employed by another for that purpose, it is the employer and not the actual producer that is the copyright proprietor.  At JMU, traditionally, faculty members have been granted the copyrights in their works by the institution.”

This means that, other than certain exceptions as listed in Policy 1107, instructors retain the exclusive rights to course material they develop.  Neither students, other faculty, nor the institution may infringe on those rights without permission.

Finally, copyright is very restrictive.  Most faculty would like to provide limited sharing of their course material with colleagues or among students.  If you wish to allow some limited uses, you might consider a Creative Commons license which would allow certain uses, defined by you.  This would also be a reminder that your work is, indeed, protected.