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Brian Cockburn Brian Cockburn's principal role is to teach and advise faculty, administrators and students about copyright, and intellectual property.
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Creative Commons License

Copyright@JMU is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

JMU IP and Copyright Policies

Protecting Your Work

Policies that effect ownership of your work at JMU include:

JMU Policy 1107--JMU's Intellectual Property Policy governing Scholarship, Face-2-Face and online teaching materials and Patents.

CIT's Video Release Form--This form is designed to allow the university to use recordings of visiting lecturers, or guest performers “captured” on video or audio. One caveat:  This is not for "research".  The IRB process must be used whenever an investigator is conducting research as defined in JMU policy 1104


More Coming--Tell me what you want to see here!!

Providing Content

Each unit in Libraries and Educational Technologies has policies regarding systems and asset management:

Carrier and East Campus Reserves--Basic Policies on what can and can't be placed on reserve.

Resources and Tools

Need to determine if your use is "Fair"?  Can you stream that video in Blackboard?  Need a quick way to teach copyright principles?