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Brian Cockburn Brian Cockburn's principal role is to teach and advise faculty, administrators and students about copyright, and intellectual property.
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Are Class Lectures my Intellectual Property?

Yes, at JMU, except under certain circumstances, the course materials you create, including lectures, syllabi, etc. are the property of you, the teaching faculty member.  Only when the University has specifically assigned an employee (including a faculty member) to create a specific product, will the University excercise its ownership under the work-made-for-hire rationale

A faculty member's general obligation to produce scholarly works (for example, textbooks and related instructional materials) does not constitute an assigned duty for purposes of determining copyright ownership.

However, online course components created for distance or distributed learning activities, including lecture recordings, may be an exception.  If the development of distance learning materials or courseware has required substantial use of university resources, the university will own the copyright, but the faculty member and the university will both retain a non-exclusive license to use these materials in educational settings, even if the faculty member leaves the university.

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