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Web Folders using WEBDAV on Windows Vista is no longer supported and JMU offers no servers on which to publish in this manner.

Web Folders
(using WebDAV)
on Windows Vista

WebDAV: Windows Vista Client Setup Instructions

First, your computer must have Microsoft's Software Update for Web Folders installed in order for WebDAV to function properly with Vista. If you have not already done so, install this update as follows:

  1. Visit


    You should see the following page:

    Microsoft Software Update for Web Folders

  2. Press the Download button. You should see the following page:

    Download KB907306
  3. Select Run to install the update immediately or Save to save it on your machine to install later.

    Download dialog
  4. If you saved the update, double-click on it to proceed with the installation.


Setting up WebDAV

  1. Select Computer from the Start icon

    Step 1

  2. With Computer selected in the left panel, you see "Map network drive" in the tool bar. Click on "Map network drive".

    Step 2

  3. On the "Map Network Drive" dialog, click on the "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures" link.

    Step 3

  4. On the first of a series of "Add Network Location" dialogs, click Next.

    Step 4

  5. Select "Choose a custom network location." and click Next.

    Step 5

  6. Enter the URL of the network address and click Next.

    Step 6

    For example, enter the following if setting up a WebDAV folder for people.jmu.edu/doggdx site:

    • Note: If you are setting up a WebDAV folder for orgs.jmu.edu, make sure you use https in the web address.
    • Note: If you are prompted to "Choose a digital Certificate" from an empty list, simply click OK.
  7. Enter your e-ID and Password you use to log on to the network and click OK. NOTE: You will have to enter your e-ID in the following format if your e-ID is doggdx:


    Step 7

    • To maintain course security, do not check "Save this password in your password list"
    • Note: You may be prompted to enter your e-ID and password multiple times.
  8. Type a name for the network location.

    Step 8

    This is the name of the folder you will use to access your course files.
  9. Press Finish.

    Step 9

    In the left panel under "Folders", the name of the network location you chose in step 8 will appear in the list.


Web Folders using WebDAV

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