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Submitting an Issue & Op (ITIO) to ITWEB

To submit a request for ITWEB help with supported and existing functionality, please follow the instructions below. You can click on the screenshots to enlarge them. NOTE: New functionality requires a Project Initiation Questionnaire (PIQ), which will have to be evaluated.

  1. Go to https://remedy.jmu.edu/issue.asp and login.

  2. Your e-ID, full name, phone number, and department will automatically be shown. If you desire, you can add an alternate contact.

    For the System, please choose ITWEB and click Continue

  3. Again, the Contact Info at the top of the screen will be automatically populated. Typically, for a Web Manager 2 site with which you need assistance, you will select Web Manager 1+2 WWW Sites for Application and WWWPRD for Environment. If the issue does not concern a Web Manager 2 site, then skip this step and proceed to the next step.

  4. If the issue concerns a www.jmu.edu site that is not maintained in Web Manager 2, then choose WWW Non Web Manager Sites for Application and WWWPRD for Environment. If the issue concerns a Web Manager 2 site, then refer to prior step for instruction. NOTE: If the site is not on www.jmu.edu, but on another JMU-supported server, then select the appropriate item (secureweb, etc.) for Application.

  5. Fill out additional fields as needed and click Continue to proceed with finalizing and submitting the ITIO request. If the request is approved, then someone in ITWEB will address the issue.