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INformation Security

Procedures for Wireless Access Paths

JMU IT is currently assessing models to provide a wireless infrastructure and associated access to the campus community in a secure, robust, and interoperable fashion. Independent implementations of wireless networks are strongly discouraged without first coordinating efforts with Network Services. This is to assure future interoperability with any campus-wide implementation and prevent security and operational difficulties. There are defects in the security model used by the wireless standard that are addressed by multiple third party products and architectures. However, use of these architectures requires careful planning for interoperability. In addition, unplanned dissemination of wireless access points may cause operational problems due to interference.

In the meantime, the following requirements apply to all wireless networks and clients that access JMU networked computing services including email and authenticated web pages.

  • Ensuring University provided anti-virus protection software2 is installed and operating.
  • Follow university procedures concerning computer updates at least once a month.
  • Abide by the AUP.
  • Select and use client software that provides encrypted communications whenever it is an available and practical choice.
  • Enable WEP encryption.
  • Change default SSID and passwords.