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Information Security Standards


With ubiquitous networking in today's computing environment, James Madison University personnel have a myriad of ways to both access and provide information services remotely. Indeed, information today is rarely accessed only on the system where it resides.

Recognizing that such access is a powerful enabling force and educational tool, the university encourages the free flow of information and open communications through the use and provision of such access. However, at the same time, the university recognizes the need to protect its resources and constituents from those who commit computer crimes. Remote computing inherently exposes servers, clients, and data to others on the network thus presenting increased exposure to networked-based attacks. In addition, the compromise of one improperly operated computer can quickly lead to compromises of neighboring computers and accounts and disruption of services. Accordingly certain safeguards relating to networked computers and the provision of remote computing services are necessary to protect the entire JMU community.

These are the minimum requirements for all computing devices on or accessing the JMU network. More stringent practices may be needed for individual applications.

The University provides both online materials and workshops to help computer operators comply with these requirements. See http://www.jmu.edu/computing/runsafe

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