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SSL VPN Browse and Web Bookmarks

Browser and Web bookmarks provide quick ways to access restricted web applications. Only the network traffic associated with the web application is routed through JMU, allowing direct network connections to other resources. 

Available to:  students, faculty, staff and affiliates

Web Browsers:  see JMU Recommend Software (browser)

How to Use: 

To get to restricted websites, you can browse or use bookmarks.

How to Sign in

For most people, signing into the SSL VPN will only require your e-ID and password and the default Green Realm.  For specialized user populations, a two-factor token issued by IT Security Engineering and the Black realm will be required to sign in.

  • Open a web browser to https://sslvpn.jmu.edu
  • Enter your JMU e-ID and password
  • In  the Realm drop down box, either leave the realm set to Green (the default for the General User population that does not require a token) or select Black (specialized user population requiring a two-factor token from IT Security Engineering)
  • Click the “Sign In” button
  • If you receive an Internet Security box from Juniper Networks, click "Allow"

Browser - specifying a web site can be done by browsing to the site. 

To Browse to a Website (without creating a bookmark):

  • enter the URL of the website in the box at the top right
  • click “Browse” - the web page opens in the same browser window.
  • To return to the home page, click the Home page icon in the browsing toolbar



Web Bookmarks  - bookmarks may either be pre-populated for certain sites based on a user’s role at JMU (student, faculty, staff, or affiliate),  as in the example below, or they may be added by the user.

Web Bookmarks

To Add a Bookmark:

  • click the + sign at the top right of the Web Bookmarks title bar.
  • type in a Bookmark Name and Description that you would like to display in the Web Bookmarks list, such as the Bookmark Name "Quicklinks" and the Description "Computing HelpDesk Internal Knowledgebase" as listed above
  • type in the URL to the site
  • select any optional display settings
  • click "Add Bookmark"
  • for additional information, click the Online Help button and search for "Bookmarking Web Pages"


How to Sign Out

When you are finished using the SSL VPN Service, you should disconnect using one of the following methods:

  • Click the “Sign Out”  button
  • Or, close all web browser windows that you opened using the Remote Access Service. It is also recommended that you exit the Web browser application itself.


How to Request Help and Assistance: 

 Contact the Information Technology Help Desk.