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Security Services for Employees and Affiliates

Security Engineering staff would be glad to talk about security matters affecting the JMU community with your group. Send us a note at it-security@jmu.edu telling us about your group and interests. In partnership with the IT training group, we also offer regular RUNSAFE workshops that describe the threat environment and risk reduction steps you can take in day to day operations.

Curious about the risks and threats associated with your department's operations, servers, products, or data? Security Engineering can help identify risks and ways to reduce those risks. Contact us at it-security@jmu.edu.

JMU IT provides Symantec Anti-virus software free of charge to all faculty, staff, and students. Although we encourage use of the versions provided on campus through desktop management, there are versions for home and campus computers available on the Computing Downloads web pages (requires eID login).

Security measures maintained by Security Engineering can sometimes affect your delivery of services or daily operations. The most common measures having these impacts are described here (requires eID login). If you find these measures are preventing academic or business pursuits, please contact us at it-security@jmu.edu.

Security Engineering provides the following generic services to the campus community

  • Strategic and tactical risk assessment
  • Security Awareness
  • Policy and Procedure development assistance
  • Network, system, and application access controls
  • Security monitoring and response

More specific services include:

Ongoing vulnerability scanning

Our automated security software regularly scans the network for computers having weaknesses that may allow criminals entry into our infrastructure or computers.

SSL Web Server Certificates

We have a system to provide campus web server providers with Thawte SSL web certificates to encrypt session communications and identify the web servers to visitors.

Sensitive Data Search

Security Engineering has an inventory of tools that can be used to search out sensitive data stored on computers. Some of them can be rolled out to managed desktops automatically and generate centralized reports. Using these tools, unexpected or large caches of sensitive data can be located and the data removed or further protected.


Security Engineering, in partnership with Computing Support, has rolled out an interim encryption plan for laptops that have a need to store sensitive data or may inadvertently store such data. A more comprehensive encryption solution is being explored.

IT Security Engineering (it-security@jmu.edu) can set up encryption on your JMU laptop computer using native tools. We also back up the passwords and encryption keys. Losing an encryption password has the same results as losing the data so if you decide to do this yourself, make sure you have any passwords or encryption keys backed up in a secure location.