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Repairing and Recovery from Security Failures - Employees

Recovering from a compromised account

Instructions on recovering from a compromised account can be found here (requires e-ID password).


Recovering from an infected computer

If the computer stores sensitive data, is operated by a person whose account has elevated access to sensitive systems, or in other ways presents heightened risk to the University or constituent data, contact the IT Security Engineering Manager at 540-568-2364 or it-security@jmu.edu. We will do a preliminary risk assessment and inspection to determine the proper response.

In other cases, contact the JMU Computing HelpDesk (540-568-3555 or helpdesk@jmu.edu).

IT Computing Support, sometimes with IT Security Engineering involvement, generally performs recovery from computer infections. This enables central reporting of incidents and reconstruction of computers according to IT standards.

If sensitive data, accounts, or services are involved, a full forensics analysis will generally be performed and a full format and re-install of the drive will occur to assure future integrity.

Self-recovery is strongly discouraged.

If you're interested for home use, generic instructions for the recovery of an infected Windows computer can be found here.