This file was placed on your desktop by an automated warning program. It was placed to warn you that your computer files and accounts are available to the entire network.

In its present configuration, anyone can attach to your computer, see or modify any of your files, and install software that would let them capture your passwords, access your accounts, watch what you type, read your email and instant messages, and modify your class schedule.

In addition, several viruses are circulating that will locate and infect your computer over the network. In fact, if you're not running up to date anti-virus software, it is likely that your computer has already been infected.

The most common reasons for this are:

For the sake of your privacy, accounts, and files, it is very important that you correct this situation as soon as possible. Please check your Windows Administrator account password, file sharing configuration and status of your anti-virus software.

After correcting the problem, you may want to take some time to review the computer safety information located on the StartSafe and R.U.N.S.A.F.E. web sites to help you maintain the security of information stored on and accessed from your computer.

James Madison University Information Technology
Technical Services - Security Engineering