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Exceptions for the year

Computer Loan Program

All full-time, non-probationary JMU employees are eligible to participate in this program. This is an interest free loan available to purchase hardware, software, or other computer accessories. All merchandise must be purchased from the JMU Bookstore. The current limit on the loan is $3600.00, and the repayment period cannot exceed twenty-four months. Once a loan has been paid in full, an employee may begin a new loan. Employees will not be permitted to have two loans at the same time.

The JMU Bookstore will consult with the employee on their purchase and when they have made a decision, a formal quote will be written. That quote will be forwarded to the Business Services office and the employee will be instructed to contact that office. At that point, the employee will need to sign their computer loan agreement, which will be forwarded to the Bookstore for the order to be placed.

When the purchase is received, the employee will be notified and the loan agreement will be forwarded to the payroll office to begin payroll deductions. Deductions will continue until the balance has been paid. Loans must be paid in full upon an employee's separation from JMU.

If you have any questions about this program, please call Rose Turner in the Business Services Office at 568.8135 (x88135.)