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Office 2010 PlanninG-Details

Who will conduct testing?
How do I access the software for testing?
What compatibility issues or problems have we encountered in our testing?
How can I get additional information or assistance with conducting testing in my department?
What needs to be tested?

When will JMU IT begin providing training, support, and installation services?
When will Office 2010 be available in computing labs and technology classrooms?
When does Office 2010 become the "recommended version" for JMU?
How long will the currently JMU-supported versions remain available for installation and support?

When and where will piloting be done?
What is our campus-wide deployment strategy?
What versions will be recommended?
What is the minimum recommended computer configuration?
What components will be supported through the HelpDesk and IT Training?
What components will be included with the standard JMU installation?
How will computers that are rarely on campus be accommodated when regular license server access is unreliable?
What versions will be available for personal purchase from the JMU Bookstore through the Microsoft Select Agreement?
Will Office 2010 be available for "Work-at-home"?
Are there hardware compatibility issues?

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