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Macintosh Desktop Management Project

What is Desktop Management?

Desktop management provides many benefits for JMU, our IT support staff, and the end-user.  For example, desktop management enables the Computing HelpDesk to solve certain customer issues in a more timely fashion; allows Desktop Services to provide a more stable environment while still remaining agile to implement necessary changes; and provides the IT Security team a more accurate view of the university’s overall health in terms of patch levels and potential security vulnerabilities, as well as gives them more effective tools necessary to minimize vulnerabilities and react to threats and incidents. JMU is currently managing the Windows platform in this manor, and undergoing the final phases of extending this to Macintosh desktops and laptops.

Why is this change being made?

This is the implementation phase for Macintosh computers in the continuation of the Desktop Management Strategy

When will this take place?

Beginning on October 1st, 2012 all new Macintosh setups by JMU IT will be joined to the JMU domain. Starting in November of 2012 we will begin rolling out Casper to provide inventory capabilities for JMU Macintosh computers.

Who is affected?

The scope of this project includes all JMU owned Macintosh computers. At this point of the project we are concentrating on Macintosh OS X computers used by faculty and staff, not computer labs or other special-user computers.


  • e-ID Log in
    For computers that have been joined to the domain you will be able to log in with your e-ID and password.
  • Centralized Configuration
    Recommended configuration settings can be applied across the University to assist in safe, efficient computing.
  • Directory Search Ability
    When a Macintosh is joined to the JMU domain it provides the functionality for users to search for objects in that domain. This means that when you want to set up a network printer you will be able to see a list of all the network printers available, and begin typing a name or location to narrow your results. Additionally the Mail client will search for e-mail addresses as you type them into the “To:” field.
  • Software Installation and Updates
    Many software applications can be tailored for JMU’s configurations and be made available for installation. Software inventory will allow IT to target software updates only to computers that have an older version of the software in question.
  • Security
    By operating in a managed environment, much of the general upkeep of a computer can be provided centrally by professional, dedicated IT staff. 
  • Inventory
    Operating in a managed environment will also allow JMU to be good stewards of our equipment by keeping a better inventory of the various hardware and applications being used across campus.