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Information Technology enacted bandwidth limitations on certain protocols to ensure that adequate bandwidth would be available for the business of JMU and its community.


Gaming, VoIP, and Streaming Media

Information Technology has noticed a significant increase in the amount of streaming media to and from the Internet. While we realize the increase in popularity of streaming media, YouTube, etc., the campus network was not designed to support the entertainment needs of the population.

Limits have been placed on the amount of bandwidth that can be used for Peer-to-Peer software, games, VoIP, and streaming media, as these applications have the ability to overwhelm our Internet connections quickly. These limits are in place in all areas of the university.

While we realize this may cause inconvenience to some, it is necessary to ensure the critical applications of the university can continue to function, and that Internet remains usable for all. Traffic flows are being constantly analyzed and limits are subject to change.


The most prevalent reason for the change is to protect the availability of Internet resources to the University community. The ability of users outside the University community to access information and resources within the University is also crucial. Also, the inability to access the University's main web server can be detrimental to the public perception of the University, and hinder the ability to deliver information to the public at large.

Another reason for the change is to reflect new legal rulings regarding the distribution of copyrighted materials, and the use of electronic file sharing. As most are aware the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) have made significant advances in attempting to stem the use of Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications.