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All class-specific software will be removed from the computer labs and technology classrooms at the end of each summer session. You will be contacted in April for software action requests for the upcoming academic year.

*Semester software is to be available:     Fall  Spring  Summer  

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*How many licenses have been purchased for use in the lab(s)/technology classrooms:
Other Faculty who will use this software:     
List the classes that will be using this software:     
*What does this software do? (i.e. update a current application, aid in tax preparation, etc.)
NOTE: This software will be installed using its default installation settings. Please note any customized settings or special instructions below:

General Labs
Departmental Labs
(requests MUST BE made by sponsoring department)

Carrier Library 101
Chandler 134
Rose Lib. 1310
Forbes Center 1203
Godwin 342
Harrison 111
Harrison 117
Hillside Basement
Johnston J7
Maury 203
Memorial Hall 7260 (ETMC)
Miller 2101
Showker 206-208

Montpelier N177 formery Duke 110
Rose Lib. 1310
Forbes 2137
Harrison 103
Hillside Basement
Memorial Hall 3245
Moody 203

Ashby Assessment Lab
Carrier 119 (ATL) PCs
Carrier 119 (ATL) Macs
Rose Lib. 1203 (ATL) PCs
Rose Lib. 1203 (ATL) Macs

Standard PC Image
Blackwell Auditorium
College of Business

Standard Mac Image

To expedite your request,
please list the specific classroom(s)
where this software will be used:

Harrison 2245 TSC Lab
Harrison 2246 TSC Lab
Hillcrest B2 (Honors)
IT Training Center 101 (ITTC)
IT Training Center 111 (ITTC)
IT Test Lab  (ITTL)
Keezell 101 (Language Learning Lab)
Keezell 103 (Language Learning Lab)

Memorial 7215
Plecker 238 (APC)
Roop 127
Roop 200 (SMLC)
Wilson 303 (CAP)
Wilson 423 (LRC)

By signing/submitting this form, I agree to the terms and conditions for installing and removing software in a computer lab or a technology classroom including the following (please read and check boxes):

  1. *  I have read the Class Specific Software Install Policy.
  2. *  I am responsible for testing, troubleshooting, and obtaining vendor support for the software package to ensure it functions and prints the way I expect. (You must test the software in the lab/classroom and not on your personal machine. It may function differently in a lab/classroom environment).
  3. *  I understand that requests outside our normal installation deadlines are subject to approval and may take between 10 and 30 working days to complete.
  4. *  I am responsible for renewing software installations each academic year or the software may be removed.
  5. *  I verify that JMU and/or my department is licensed to use the number of copies indicated on this form.
  6. *  I acknowledge that the software will be installed using its default settings, unless noted above, and Lab Services will perform no functional testing or troubleshooting beyond verifying that the application launches.

To accept the conditions above and submit the form: