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FOR FACULTY ONLY - Class Specific Software Install Policy

Computing Support is responsible for purchasing, installing and updating JMU standard software in general labs, departmental labs and tech classrooms. Software requested for specific student groups is called class specific software and the requesting department is responsible for the purchase.

Before purchasing class-specific software, read the information below to ensure that the software you purchase will meet the requirements for installation in the labs and technology classrooms.


April 15 - Last day to submit software requests for software to be installed for the summer sessions

July 1 - Last day to submit software requests for software to be installed for the beginning of the fall semester

August 1 - Software not renewed for the fall semester will be removed from the labs.

September 1 - Last day to submit software requests for software to be available in the lab by September 30 (for software not available for installation by the July deadline)

November 30 - Last day to submit software requests for software to be installed for the beginning of the spring semester

Your responsibilities:

  • Check software requirements prior to ordering to ensure that software is compatible with the operating system and hardware configurations currently running in the labs and Technology Classrooms.
  • Personally (or through your technology coordinator) contact Eddie Roadcap, Lab Services Manager, at roadcawe@jmu.edu or 568-3351 to confirm software requirements, compatibility and to discuss any other requirements.
  • Whenever possible, obtain a trial version of the software to test in the labs prior to procurement.  Lab Services can assist with temporary installation of software on one lab/classroom computer upon request.
  • Submit software requests by the assigned deadlines (above) each semester.  Ad hoc mid-semester requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of need to allow time for potential problem resolution.  Take care to note any customizations or settings required for your specific needs. 
  • Supply enough licenses for all computers in the lab facility plus 2 additional copies (1 for your office computer and 1 for IT Lab Services).   Purchase the most current version available.  The responsibility for maintaining all license information and adhering to license agreements remains with the requesting department.  License activation must be compatible with a lab environment where each computer is an exact copy of the others and activation does not require manual intervention at each computer.  Consult your vendor regarding their license activiation technology, and contact Lab Services for further clarification, if needed.  
  • Supply your technology coordinator with software, installation instructions, and a copy of license agreement. A backup copy of the software may be kept on file in Computing Support, but the college coordinator is ultimately responsible for having software available if needed for re-installation.
  • Test and troubleshoot software in the lab environment prior to purchase, if possible, and after installation to ensure the software does all the things needed to complete class assignments. Work with software vendors to troubleshoot and resolve issues.  Lab Services can assist with temporary installation of software on one lab/classroom computer upon request.
  • Supply the appropriate instructions to the students who will be using the software. Lab Assistant Services include assistance with very general software and hardware questions, but lab assistants should not be expected to be familiar with the specifics of individual class-specific applications.

Your technology coordinator's responsibility:

  • Forward notices from IT Lab Services to their faculty regarding software installations and renewals.
  • Work with IT Lab Services as needed to discuss and remedy support issues related to software licensing, activation, installation, and renewal.
  • Receive and maintain software media and documentation for their college's faculty.
  • Assist their faculty with questions regarding software installation.
  • Assist faculty with software testing and troubleshooting, including obtaining software vendor support.

IT Lab Service's responsibility:

  • Post General Lab, Departmental Lab, and Technology Classroom upgrade plans on the web during May.
  • Send renewal notices during May. If you do not receive notification for software installation requests and renewals, please contact your technology coordinator. If you still have questions, please click here to request assistance from IT Lab Services.
  • Install software as requested by stated date(s) (above).  Ad hoc mid-semester software requests can usually be completed within 10 days if there are no unforeseen obstacles, but requests should be submitted 30 days in advance of need to allow time for troubleshooting problems.
  • Ensure that the software launches properly.  Functional testing, troubleshooting, and coordination of software vendor support is the responsibility of the professor and/or technology coordinator.
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