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IT Training's Tech tips are short and to the point. They provide ways to make your work easier and faster. Each Tech Tips page has four boxes: two focus on particular software applications, either JMU specific or Microsoft related; one box shows Shortcuts and keystrokes meant to save you clicks; and another box gives clues to the courses offered by IT Training in JMAC 4.  At this time there is no way to search for a particular tip, so a brief list of the content is shown for each Tech Tip issue.  The Tech Tips originated in April 2013. Click the Month to go to the Tech Tip page of your choosing.

August 2016 Tech Tips -- compress photos for email; delete old files carefully; Excel change format of date; and more

July 2016 Tech Tips -- information icon in MyMadison; AiM 8 navigation is on the left; Ctrl+D; Ctrl+5; and more

June 2016 Tech Tips -- Windows 7; Which IT Training Classes should I Take eLearning; address book to add to contact group

April 2016 Tech Tips -- Excel Inquire Add-in; setting Skype options; clean excess Excel formatting and more

February 2016 Tech Tips -- Web Shortcuts; AiM Work Order Description; Absolute Cell Reference in Excel and more

January 2016 Tech Tips -- Use OWA to check email; Print Comments in Excel; Press F5 to Go to Page in Word, and more

December 2015 Tech Tips -- Start Word in a Blank Document; Saving Attachments in Outlook; Search file type  in QuickTips

October 2015 Tech Tips -- Favorite People in Outlook; SharePoint Alerts; in QuickTips Task, F7, Themes and more

August 2015 Tech Tips -- Open a new Tab in any browser; Double-click fill handle in Excel; merge shapes in PowerPoint

July 2015 Tech Tips -- F12; Lynda.JMU.edu; PowerPoint Advanced; Timeline Filter in Excel

April 2015 Tech Tips -- Invite Attendees in Outlook; Auto-Fill in Excel; Scroll Wheel and audio-loop in Quick Tips

March 2015 Tech Tips -- Create a Contact Group fast in Outlook; PowerPoint F5; Clipboard in Office

February 2015 Tech Tips -- View in Outlook; in QuickTips Marquee in Excel and Templates in Word

January 2015 Tech Tips -- Excel Hide/Unhide Columns; Outlook Delay Delivery; in QuickTips Header & Footers

October 2014 Tech Tips -- Highlights Microsoft Office 2013 for Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint.

September 2014 Tech Tips -- Use Mouse; Poster Frame a Video; Lynda.jmu.edu

August 2014 Tech Tips -- Add Account in Outlook; Reset Password; AiM information.

June-July 2014 Tech Tips -- Avoid Phishing; Default Text Box; Quick Tips include animation in PowerPoint.

April-May 2014 Tech Tips -- Clipboard in MS Office; HRMS print time entry; In QuickTips lock screen.

March 2014 Tech Tips  --  In Excel, convert a range to a table; In Shortcuts, attachments; Lynda.JMU.edu.

December 2013 Tech Tips -- New Outlook Email QuickR class; more Outlook shortcuts; Credit Card schedule.

September 2013 Tech Tips  --  Clip Art can be taken apart; AiM Work Order descriptions; Outlook shortcuts.

July 2013 Tech Tips   --  In Outlook, use custom Voting buttons; Tagging in Cascade; Excel shortcuts.

June 2013 Tech Tips  -- In Word, remove picture background; add Excel chart to Word or PowerPoint; web shortcuts.

April 2013 Tech Tips  --  In Word, crop a picture to a shape; In Excel, control sorts; In Shortcuts, tasks, and lock ratio.