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The links on this page take you to the stated training which generally can be completed in the time shown.

There is no need to register in MyMadison prior to accessing the eLearning link; if an eLearning has an IT### listed, simply complete the survey at the end of the eLearning and within a week, see the completed IT course number on your training summary. Contact 8-8046 with questions.

HRMS: Employee Info IT645

approximately 20 minutes:
required prior to access to HRMS

What is Duo?

approximately 2 minutes:
overview of two-factor authentication and Duo

AiM 8 Look-See   

20-50 minutes based on content viewed:
summary of changes seen in AiM 8

Duo Enrollment

approximately 4 minutes:
how to sign up to use Duo authentication

AiM: Custom AiM Requests (Web) IT522

approximately 20 minutes:
overview for those with AiM access

LISTSERV Management IT561

approximately 15 minutes:
required prior to creation/access to a LISTSERV list

Your Windows Account

approximately 10 minutes:
understand the importance of the administrator account

Electronic Budget Revision Approval

approximately 10 minutes:

understand how to approve Electronic Budget Revisions

Drop a Training Course in MyMadison

approximately 5 minutes:
shows Sign in to MyMadison, Drop Class, Download
Training Summary, and Call to Cancel

Excel International Accounting Overview

approximately 7 minutes:
introduces Excel recordkeeping for trips abroad


Excel Basic Refresh

To prepare for the Excel Basic Assessment, or to Refresh your knowledge of Excel Basic prior to attending Excel Intermediate, view the IT Training Videos for the 120 Basic aspects of Excel. It is recommended that the videos be viewed in order.

The videos are JMU proprietary content. Please do not share them.
You may access the links as often as you like.  They are mp4 videos and require a player (such as QuickTime). 

Topic 2A: Fundamentals 27 minutes includes Introduction

Topic 2B: Formulas 11 minutes

Topic 2C: Appearance 13 minutes

Topic 2D: Arrange-View-Print 13 minutes