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Requesting a House Call

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House Call

What is a House Call?

House Call means we will come to your office or work area and help you on specific topics or questions. You will use your computer and work through the steps as we help you. The House Call is not a replacement for the courses that we teach.

How long does a House Call last?

The House Call can last up to 45 minutes in your office or work area.

What services do we provide during a House Call?

We offer help for software supported by the JMU HelpDesk and course topics that we teach. Want to read the specific software that the JMU HelpDesk supports? If yes, click. Brief summary shown below.
Microsoft® Software JMU Central Systems
Office 2010 AiM
    Excel, PowerPoint, Word eVA
Outlook 2010 Email/Calendar                  
Outlook Web Apps  
Listserv Human Resources Management System
Web Manager  Student Administration

How do you request a House Call?

Call IT Training at 8-8046 or email us at ittraining@jmu.edu.

Tell us the specific software and challenge that you are encountering.


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