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    Brand New Design
    Microsoft's slogan: "Get more done in less time." The new design shows easier navigation with fewer links and 6 great tabs. The Ribbon has 3 parts: tabs, groups and commands. Each tab shows the relevant grouped information. Each group has a specific command used from a button, drop-down list or box.

    Ribbon is available in these Microsoft Office 2007 system programs:
  • Access

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Word

  • Outlook (in open items such as Mail, Contacts and Appointments)

  • Want to minimize the Ribbon?
    Options Below.
  • For a short time, double-click the name on the active tab. If you want to restore the Ribbon, double-click the tab again.

  • Forever, right-click the Quick Access Toolbar *, then click Minimize the Ribbon. If you want to restore the Ribbon, repeat the same step to uncheck it.

  • * Quick Access Toolbar described below under Other.
  • Keyboard shortcut, press CTRL + F1.

  • Dialog Box Launcher
    When the small arrow appears in the lower-right corner of a group on the Ribbon, click it to view more detailed or advanced options available for the commands in that group in a dialog box.
    Button Replaces File Menu   
    The File menu was replaced with a new button, located in the top, left corner. You get the same basic commands as before: open, save, close and print documents, plus new ones.

    [Options] Available from Button
    Click the new button shown above. Click [Options] at the bottom of the Menu. Changes made from Options dialog box in Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2003.


    Quick Access Toolbar
    The Quick Access Toolbar is located in the upper left section above the Ribbon. It holds commands that you frequently use: Save, Undo and Repeat.

    Want to add your favorite commands there?
    Right-click the command, then click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

    New SmartArt Diagrams
    The new SmartArt diagrams enable you to create great-looking content with 3D shapes, transparency, drop shadows and other effects in Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2007.
    Click the Insert tab to access SmartArt within the Illustrations category.

    File Format
    Excel, PowerPoint and Word have the same new file formats, known as Office Open XML. XML = Extensible Markup Language. These new formats offer reduced file sizes and improved data recovery. They also facilitate integration with external data sources.
    Excel = .xlsx, PowerPoint = .pptx, Word = .docx

    Access has a new file format (.accdb) with increased security, decreased file size and useful new features.

    Use the "Save As" command from the new button to save a copy of the file that is fully compatible with Excel 97-2003. Do this if you share files with others who do not use Office 2007.