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"Fast Track PIQ" (Security Requests)


  • When will a PIQ be used?
  • Where is the PIQ located?
  • What sections must be completed on the PIQ for a security request?
  • What happens to the PIQ once I submit it for security changes?

    When will a PIQ be required?

    PIQ Security Requests are necessary for all menu changes to existing permission lists or roles, creating new permission lists or roles, or correction mode access, etc. These requests with the appropriate data manager's and/or owner's approval is required for any type of security changes related to roles and permission lists.

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    Where is the PIQ located?

    It is located at https://remedy.jmu.edu/PIQ.asp. You will need to login using your eID and current password.

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    What sections must be completed on the PIQ for a Security Request?

    Give a brief name or description of your project – Please include “Security Request” which will make it easier to distribute the request appropriately.

    1) Describe in at least a few sentences, the problem to be solved or the service change being proposed. Include why the project is necessary, and how it will benefit JMU and your department.
    2) When is the proposed solution needed? Explain why this date is necessary.
    4) If the security request includes a need for sensitive data, please include the business need that requires access to sensitive data elements.
    6) What resource commitment do you anticipate needing from IT?
              On question #6, please enter something like “IS Applications Security will need to
              change/update/add access”

    The other questions, (3-5 and 7) are not necessary for a security change, but please enter N/A since they are required fields.

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    What happens to the PIQ once I submit it for security changes?

    The "fast track PIQ’s" will not need to go through the same evaluation process as a typical PIQ. They will be routed to IS Applications Security and will be processed accordingly. Resources will be assigned.  Authorizations from the appropriate Data Manager and IS Director are still required. The goal is to simplify the process for end-users by allowing all requests to be submitted via the PIQ process, but not require all questions.

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