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    Can more than one System be requested at a time?

    The online IS Access Request needs to be completed for one system per request. Once the request has been submitted, there is a “New Request” button that will return to the request page with the same employee and supervisor information pre-populated.  If necessary, use this new form to complete another request.

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    How is this working without the signatures that were previously required?

    When the employee, supervisor, or 3rd party clicks the “I agree” button during the submission or approval process, they have signed in using their eID and password.  This is sufficient for an electronic signature.  Each person MUST carefully read what they are agreeing to as this is their signature for approval and acknowledging security, data integrity, data stewardship and appropriate use.

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    Do I need to complete an IS Access Request form when an employee leaves JMU or changes jobs? 

    Yes, please select the radio button for “Delete”, if the employee is leaving JMU. Please note that ALL access will be removed.  Self service, or e-campus access will remain in place as long as the person qualifies as an employee, faculty, staff or student.  If an employee changes jobs within the university, and their new job duties would not require the same system access, please submit a new request stating these changes. The “Change” radio button should be selected for a change in duties.

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    My job changed and my current access needs to be revised.  What do I do?

    Use the online request form selecting the “Change” radio button in question 3. The same approvals will need to be completed as in a new request to authorize the changes.

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    How can I check the status of my request?

    Log into Remedy to view the status of your request.

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Don't see the answer to your question here?  Please let us know by emailing iissecurity@jmu.edu.