And Now Our Feature(d) Presentation

PowerPoint is a rich presentation application full of features. Often, one may think of features only in developing the application. However, there is an array of useful features available during the Slide Show. To test these out, open a PowerPoint file and press F5 to go into the Slide Show.

While in the Slide Show, you can use the following features highlighted below:

Getting Out

  • B or . will black out the screen.

  • W or , will white out the screen.

Moving to a Slide

  • Two for Two - hold down the 2 mouse buttons for 2 seconds and you will go to first slide.

  • Number then Enter will jump to that particular slide.

Power in the Point(er)

  • A or = - display/hide the arrow pointer.

  • Ctrl+P - display pen for drawing on the slide.

  • E erases what you draw with the pen.

  • Ctrl+A - display the pointer as an arrow.

Power in the Point(er) - continued

  • Ctrl+H will hide the pointer and the navigation button.

  • Ctrl+U will do the same as Ctrl+H after 7 seconds of inactivity.

  • Right-click (arrow or pen) - display the quick menu (like clicking on the navigation button).

These are some of many reasons the application is called PowerPoint.
And now, enjoy your feature(d) presentation.