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Operational Hours and Exceptions

computer services

Computer services and support offered through the Information Technology (IT) Help Desk for personally-owned computers


  • Enrolled students
  • Employed faculty and staff
  • Emeritus faculty and staff
Owner Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the computer owner to perform the following day-to-day administrative actions to maintain their computer:
  • maintain up-to-date virus protection available free to all JMU students, faculty, and staff
  • ensure operating system updates are applied
  • perform frequent back-ups or copies of critical data
    Note: OneDrive online storage is available to students while enrolled at JMU via their Dukes email account
  • take steps to avoid unsafe computing
  • keep all software and licensing information available while at JMU



Hardware Warranty Repair


  • Testing, diagnosing and repairing/replacing Dell and Apple manufacturer defective parts on computers under warranty
  • Re-installing the operating system and anti-virus/anti-spyware software if a hard drive replacement is required

Does Not Cover:

  • Dell and Apple computers out of warranty or other computer manufacturers (i.e. HP, Lenovo, etc.)
  • Repairing personally-owned printers, scanners, or other peripheral devices
  • Recovering data in the event of a hard drive failure
  • Repairing Apple computers that have been accidentally damaged as this is not covered under Apple's warranty

Turnaround Expectations:

  • Information Technology strives to complete warranty repairs in two business days. Many variables can influence turnaround time such as high-volume periods (the start of a semester), diagnostic time, and parts availability
  • If re-installation of the operating system is required due to hard drive replacement, service may take approximately two additional business days

JMU Recommended Software


  • Installation guidance
  • Evaluation of technical issues, which may be referred to an outside vendor

Does Not Cover:

  • Installing or upgrading operating system or application software
  • Removing malware or viruses
  • Recovering data
  • Assisting with unsupported, third-party software

JMU Official Wireless Network


  • Verification of configuration settings for connecting to the JMU Official Wireless network 
  • Evaluation of technical issues, which may be referred to an outside vendor
Wireless in the Residence Halls
  • JMU Information Technology has partnered with Apogee to provide wired and wireless internet service and support in residence halls. Students may call Apogee support at (855) 410-7377; email support@myresnet.com; text ResNet to 84700; Chat live at www.MyResNet.com

Loaner Computers


  • A limited number of loaner computers is available while the Dell/Apple computer is being serviced for warranty repair through the IT Help Desk

Note: Customers may contact an outside vendor for services not covered*


To request service or report problems or issues:

Contact the IT Help Desk by:

*Outside Vendors
There are many computer vendors in the Harrisonburg area offering upgrades, installation, virus/malware removal and repair services.  Search the yellow pages online www.yellowbook.com for "Computer Repair" in the "22801" zip code.  The list below is not an endorsement of a company’s services but is provided as a convenience.



Web Site

PC Repair

Mac Repair

JMU Bookstore Madison Cyberzone Tech Center (540) 568-6092 www.jmu.edu/bookstore Yes No


(540) 438-0188



Yes (Apple Certified)

Geek Squad
(Best Buy)

(540) 574-9549




(540) 434-7566 www.valmicro.com Yes No
Stafford Solutions (540) 860-0967 www.staffordpcsolutions.com Yes No