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Exceptions for the year

Surplus Computer Equipment

Surplus and Transfer Equipment

Any computer equipment that is being relocated, transferred or surplussed must be processed through PC Services using the Equipment Inventory Change Request (EICR) form. Failure to accomplish this results in the equipment remaining on your organization’s asset inventory and also resulting in being charged for maintenance support on that equipment. To surplus or transfer equipment:

  • Check your equipment for an Equipment Trust Fund (ETF) sticker.  If your equipment has an ETF sticker, please check to see if your equipment is eligible for surplus.
  • Send an email to pcservices@jmu.edu with a brief description of the equipment you want picked up.  Our staff will contact you to schedule a pick up time.

After PC Services picks up surplus equipment, they do three checks on the hardware to:

  • Ensure operability of the equipment
  • Ensure all data is removed off any storage device
  • Check feasibility of recycling or salvage

Surplus handling has a lower priority than equipment repair, thus, requests are filled as time and personnel allow. PC Services does not repair units that are inoperable and turned in as surplus.

Recycling & Redistribution Requests 

PC Services fulfills requests for equipment recycling and redistribution.

Contact the Fixed Assets Coordinator of your department with your request.

The Fixed Assets Coordinator will then contact PC Services at pcservices@jmu.edu with a brief description of what you need.

Requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. Units must meet the minimum requirements for recycling and redistribution.

Units that do not meet the minimum requirements may be redistributed at a customers request.

For software installation on your replacement system, please complete the Setup and Installation Request Form.

Departments desiring to upgrade redistributed systems (i.e. hard drives or memory) can do so at their own expense.