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  • iPads are one of the latest trends in technology. While not computers in the traditional sense, they can be convenient, portable devices for e-mail, surfing the web, accessing various types of media, and other functions. JMU Information Technology provides support for iPads to access the JMU Exchange e-mail system and the wireless network. For specific device support, see the following:

    Accessing Exchange E-mail

    JMU On-Campus Wireless Network 


  • A netbook is a less expensive (typically $300-$500), small, lightweight, lower-performance, reduced-featured laptop best suited for web browsing, web applications and software that does not require significant processing power. They are not intended to be a primary computer, but rather a complement to a desktop or full-featured laptop.

    JMU Information Technology recommends that departments desiring netbook computers purchase the Dell 2110. IT will provide setup and warranty repair services for these systems. A recommended bundle is available on Dell’s JMU Premier Page.

    If the options do not meet your needs, please contact Becky Helmick, Desktop Services Manager, at 568-8083 or helmicrp@jmu.edu  for configuration assistance.

Other Mobile Devices