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NetWare Client Removal

Novell NetWare Client Removal

One of the final steps in the completion of the network file storage migration project from this past spring is the removal of the Novell NetWare client.  The purpose of removing the client is twofold.  First, the client application is no longer necessary to have installed on the computer to access file storage and can actually slow down access.  Secondly, software that is no longer patched and upgraded leaves a computer more vulnerable.

Starting September 29th, Information Technology will begin the automated process to remove the Novell NetWare Client from faculty and staff Windows XP computers joined to the JMUAD domain.  The removal process will take place a few departments at a time spread out over a three month period.   Technology Coordinators from each academic and administrative area will be notified of their department’s removal date approximately one week in advance in order to share that information with their computer users.

Over the past few months, the NetWare client has been removed automatically from Vista and Windows 7 computers joined to the JMUAD domain. (For computers setup more recently, it is likely the NetWare client was never installed.)




Date the NetWare Client removal process will be enabled:




Pilot Groups 2 & 3 (IT)


Pilot Group 4 (IT)



Accounts Payable

Cash Investment

Accounting Services




Human Resources



Card Services

Copy Center

University Business Office

Post Office


AVP Business Services

Property Space Management


Budget Office

VP Administration & Finance


Dining Services

Parking Services

Facilities Management


Intercollegiate Athletics


Academic Affairs


College Of Arts & Letters

College Of Business


College Of Education

College Of Graduate Studies



 College Of Visual & Performing Arts 


Office of the President

Student Affairs


University Advancement



Automated Removal Process:

After the process launches, a window similar to the following will be displayed on the Windows XP computer:

The user should click Yes to complete the removal. After the removal completes, the user will be required to reboot the computer. Please note: This window will continue to pop up until the user clicks Yes.

How to verify a successful removal:
After a reboot, the login screen will change from a Novell login to a Microsoft Windows login (see screen shots for Windows XP logins without the NetWare client)

If you would like to remove the client now, instructions for a manual removal have been posted on the computing website.



Manual Removal Process:

If you are a more advanced computer user and wish to remove your Novell Netware client and all its components now, you may follow the manual instructions below. This is not necessary if you allow the Automated Process above to remove the client. Please review all the steps first before starting this process.

You must be logged on your computer with an Administrator account to perform the following steps.

Windows XP

  1. Go to Add or Remove Programs: Click on Start> Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs

  2. Uninstall each of the following components (if present) in this specific order:
    1. ZENworks Desktop Management Agent
    2. Novell iPrint Client
    3. Novell Client for Windows
    4. NMAS Client
    5. NMAS Challenge Response Method
    6. NICI (Shared) U.S./Worldwide
Windows XP Screenshot

Windows Vista/Windows 7
  1. Go to Programs and Features: Click on Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features or in Category View, click Start> Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features

  2. Uninstall each of the following components (if present) in this specific order:
    1. Novell Client for Windows
    2. NMAS Client
    3. NMAS Challenge Response Method
    4. NICI (Shared) U.S./Worldwide
Windows Vista/7 Screenshot



Assistance and Support

If you have questions or problems, please contact your Technology Coordinator or the Computing HelpDesk online at https://remedy.jmu.edu/CompIssue.asp or by phone at 568-3555.