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Logging into Windows XP

Login Instructions:

For laptops only - You will need to have your laptop plugged into a live network jack via an Ethernet cable on the JMU campus the first time you login and after every e-ID password change.

I.  How to log into your computer

    1.  Select  JMUAD from the Log on to  dropdown menu. Enter your e-ID and password and click OK to login.












II.   How to login to your local workstation only

    1.  Note: These instructions will only work if you have a local Windows account setup on your computer.  These login instructions will log into a different account than your day-to-day e-ID account and will present a different user profile (i.e. different desktop, icons, computer settings, etc.).

       2.   Select  this computer from the Log on to dropdown menu.  Enter your local Windows account name (e-IDx) and password and click OK to login.